Films and still images portray a particular perspective on any given subject that will depend on choices made by the person behind or the person directing the camera. Understanding these choices is crucial to understanding how different representations of subjects are constructed.

This activity encourages you to think about how Hackney is usually represented in the media and what you expect the place to look like.


  • What do you know about Hackney? Where is it in relation to where you live? Do you know anyone who does or has lived there in the past?
  • How have you seen Hackney represented in the media such as news events, TV programmes and/or films?
  • Choose 3 key words that sum up your knowledge and understanding of Hackney. Keep these notes safe as you may come back to them at the end of the project to see how your knowledge and understanding develops.


We all have preconceived ideas about places that we may never have visited. What do you think life in Hackney looks like?

In this task you will study a selection of still images taken in a range of settings and try to decide which ones are taken in Hackney:

Simply click on the ‘Hackney’ or ‘Outside Hackney’ button to make your selection. For each image discuss the visual clues that suggest
they are either in Hackney, or if ouside Hackney where you think they might be and why.