David Rosenberg is a London tour guide and educator who grew up in Hackney. Watch him talk about his memories of living in Stoke Newington as a boy.

• In pairs, discuss what part of David’s account might work best as a short scene in a film. Give reasons for your answers.

• Using this storyboard template, draw the sequence of frames to show how this scene unfolds.

• If you were making a film about your family, what might you include as a key scene from your childhood? How would you want your family to appear to an audience? To what extent might you exaggerate the truth about the characters in your family?


Now watch this trailer for Sixty-Six – you may wish to view it more than once. As you watch, try to spot all the family members. What similarities and/or differences do you notice with people in your family?


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  • What impression does this trailer give you of Bernie Reubens’ family?
  • Do they seem believable characters to you?  Give reasons for your answer.
  • What do you think your family would do if your Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah was planned for the same day as England playing in the World Cup final? If you didn’t or won’t be having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, think about another big family occasion coinciding with England playing in the World Cup final – a wedding? Your grandma’s 80th birthday lunch?


  • From where did your family originate?
  • If your family have ever moved home, what were their reasons for moving?
  • How long has your family lived in the UK?
    What connections (if any) do members of your family have with Hackney or the East End?