• What do you understand by the word ‘COMMUNITY’?
  • Where is your community?  In what ways are you part of more than one community?
  • What are the main places to go for people in your community?
  • Who are some of the key people in your community?

Watch these short clips from interviews with actor, director and playwright Steven Berkoff and Lord Michael Levy talking about the Jewish community groups in Hackney and the East End where they grew up.

  • In what ways are the experiences of community described by Steven Berkoff and Lord Levy similar and different experiences to yours?


Examining The Vanishing Street – in groups
In groups look at these still images from the film The Vanishing Street, a film made in 1962 about an East End street largely populated by Jewish people.

Decide for each image whether you think it represents a location, a job or a symbol of Judaism. Make your choice by clicking the tab below the image.

What impression do you get of the world of The Vanishing Street from these still images?  Is there anything that strikes you as very different or very similar to today?



Now watch the opening sequence to The Vanishing Street.  While you watch, try to spot the locations and jobs represented.


© All rights reserved BFI; directed by Robert Vas 


  • In your groups create a frozen picture or tableau to represent one of the locations, one of the jobs or one of the symbols of Judaism represented in the film or the still images.
  • When you are ready, share your tableau with the rest of your class. Each group has to guess the locations, the job or the Jewish symbol represented.
  • Find out more about the film here.