How much do you know about where people go to worship? The task below lists a number of different faith groups. Drag the places of worship into the right boxes, so they match the right faith group. To complete the task you must get all five correct.



Watch this video of Lord Michael Levy talking about the significance of synagogues in his life growing up in Hackney. As you watch, make a note of all the synagogues he mentions.



(i) Go to Google Maps and search for Synagogues in London Borough of Hackney then try to identify the location of the synagogues Lord Levy mentions. Why do you think most are in the North or Centre of the borough?

(ii) From searching the Internet, what can you find out about Shacklewell Lane synagogue, Lea Bridge Road synagogue and Egerton Road synagogue? How have their congregations changed since Lord Levy’s childhood? What does this suggest about how communities in Hackney have changed?

(iii) List some of places of worship near where you live? What can you find out about their history? What does this tell you about the community where you live?