Since the 1670s Hackney has been home to a significant Jewish community. Between the 1930s – 1950s, the numbers grew as large
groups moved to Hackney from the ghettoes of London’s East End or fleeing persecution in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Jewish community in Hackney is varied and diverse. Different groups carry customs and practices of their ancestors, often with
roots in other parts of the world.

Teen Action is a Chassidic Orthodox Jewish organisation in Stamford Hill that provides training and leisure activities for young women. In partnership with the Hackney Museum and UK Jewish Film, the young women worked together to discover more about Jewish heritage in the area by interviewing local residents. about their memories and experiences of life in Stamford Hill and surrounding areas.


Before listening to the interviews below, try to match up the following extracts with the themes listed in the first column.


Find out more about the orthodox Charedi community in Stamford Hill by watching and listening to these interviews. This glossary will help you understand some of the Yiddish words and culturally specific terms used.

Mr Shears

Rabbi Pinter

Mr Rabin

Blanca Stern

Baila Stern

Mrs Hochberg

Beryl Kramer

For hearing impaired users or to review a print version of the interview content, please download these interview transcripts